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USA TODAY Sports Images is a global leader in premium digital media content creation and distribution. From our photographers to our editors, we set high standards for sports imaging and work to exceed the demand of the digital media world’s ever-growing needs. Our content is distributed on deadline for editorial usage and can be accessed either via our website or through a direct wire feed to our clients.

Today’s digital publishers and editorial media require more visual content than ever before, and that content is being distributed across a myriad of delivery platforms. USA TODAY Sports Images meets the challenges of modern sports journalism head-on, providing an array of high-quality images for each event so that clients have more options for every story and every delivery platform. Because of our commitment to meeting these challenges, the largest newspapers, magazines, websites, television media and bloggers choose USA TODAY Sports Images daily as their source to fill photo content needs. Our past and future successes are owed to maintaining four key components:

·         Outstanding Industry Leading Imagery

·         Exceptional Customer Service

·         Creative Choice & Comprehensive Daily Coverage

·         Ease of Use

From the nation’s largest newspapers, magazines, websites, television media and bloggers everywhere, the choice is clear; they look to USA TODAY Sports Images as their main source to fill their photo content needs.

We have created a system to deliver imagery that meets and exceeds the needs of newsrooms, photo desks, art directors and creative professionals. Now more than ever, media companies look for creative choice in images. Our job is to facilitate the process of finding the best images for every part of a story, across every delivery platform.





We listened to our clients’ feedback and have created one of the industry's best search engines to provide unparalleled functionality. Clients can easily search, download and license content in an instant for editorial use. USA TODAY Sports Images has taken the hassle out of editorial licensing and provided the savings back to our clients.





Whether it’s a deadline image or an image from our historical archive, our picture desk and sales support staff is committed to providing exceptional service. Our focus on our clients is the most common reason cited for their choosing us over competitors. Our technology team is constantly striving to enhance the site’s usability, so we welcome your feedback. 



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